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  1. Application of the rules:

By reading the following rules you have accepted that you understand and will adhere to them. All rules are equal in priority and no one rule is more important than another.


  1. Respect the guild and your companions:

We joke around, we have a brash style confidence (while communicating in gchat or discord we are not quiet), but our humor will remain in jest. Our perspective is that humor is supposed to be humorous and fun while remaining respectful. We believe once this respect is infringed upon  that it can be communicated about and whatever descent sewed can be repaired. The idea is that most any situation can be resolved through communication and a genuine apology. Afterall, we all make mistakes. Our goal is to create an environment of harmony where secure people can enjoy each other’s humor, even if it does push the envelope a little.



Things we consider disrespectful:

Directly insulting a fellow guild mate will not be tolerated.

Being a source of drama or complaining about personal affairs in an open forum instead of finding a resolution privately.

Being the source of discomfort in the guild.


This could be because of a disagreement in how loot was distributed or by not getting the spot you desire in a raid. Generally participating in scenarios that contribute conflict to drama in the guild or during the raid will be considered disrespectful. We’re here to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time while we progress, not baby sit.


  1. Raiders:

A raider is someone who participates in raids organized by the guild. No discrimination to the those participating in the raid will be tolerated, in regards to sex, age, religion, nationality or race. The raiders are subject to the following rules:


Arrive at the raid a couple minutes early, 100% repaired armor with the respective flasks and food buff for your spec. It definitely helps if you have an off spec to be ready to change to it at a moment’s notice without needing to hearth to allow us to remain flexible in our ability to adapt the raid strategy.


We have addons to broadcast if people have food and flask buff’s current. IF you do not have food and flasks you are agreeing that it is ok to be kicked and replaced from the raid by choosing not to be prepared.


You are ok with light to moderate criticism within reguards to the respect and behavior rules according to rule number 2.


Follow the instructions Raid Leader and Officers.

We are open to suggestions though please be patient – there is a lot going on in a raid.

Please let an officer or raid leader know if you are going to be absent from the raid so we can consider a replacement. Have respect for your fellow raiders and consider the progress of the guild. If you go afk without notice you are submitting to bench placement. Commit to the 2 hours window and do not withdraw from the raid before completion of the allotted time.


Exceptions can and will be made on a case by case issue with respects to the progression of the guild.


Loot Rules:


If you are awarded a bind on equip item then you need to equip it upon receival. If you break this rule consequences will be considered and it is very likely that you have jeopardized your raid spot.


  1. Raid schedule: Tuesday through Friday, 8pm to 10pm central (or server time).


Raid spots will be filled with people who maintain a positive attendance. Punctuality is key. If you are more than ten minutes late you submit to giving up your spot to replaced by someone who is available. Friends of guild members and pugs will fill the spots we cannot fill when we don’t have the appropriate guild members. Pugs are subject to the same rules as the raiders.


The Guild seeks to make the Raid as efficient as possible. You participate with the understanding that we progress as a team. This is not about you, this is about us and how we choose to work together. It takes everyone’s participation and adherence to the rules to progress and accomplish our goals.


Simply put these rules aren’t meant to be restrictive but to provide structure for us all to be on the same page and allow us to progress and experience the content in a respectful and enjoyable manner. Our aim isn’t to be authoritative but to create a community we can be proud to be a part of.



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